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To Schedule an Appointment:
  1. Use the arrows to scroll through the Date/Time you would like to setup an appointment.
    If there are no time slots available, the column will be blank.
  2. Click time you would like to book your appointment
  3. Enter the Patient's Birthdate, Gender, Previous Patient, and the reason for your visit. Click the Right Arrow to continue.
  4. Enter the Patient's Name, Email address and Phone Number and then Click Finish.
  5. Press finish to send your appointment request.
You will see an on-screen confirmation of your request, as well as receive an email with your appointment request details.

Instructions for new intake paperwork:
  1. Open the email, from Patient Fusion, regarding your Appointment being Scheduled.
  2. Click the button to Check in now. You will be taken to Patient Fusion Web Portal, please sign up for an account.
  3. Complete verification information, click the blue button to verify.
  4. Click on the Appointment tab.
  5. Complete check in (Complete questions/must be done prior to visit).

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