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Serene Psychiatry offers services to pediatric, adolescent, and adult care. We provide treatment for all psychiatric mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more) with a strong emphasis on ADHD treatments. All providers are board-certified to provide the safest, most effective care.

Psychiatric Consultation
Serene Psychiatry offers a caring atmosphere sensitive to the client's needs. Clients have time to connect with providers and do not feel rushed. This time gives the provider a strong understanding of the client's needs.

Medication Management
We are utilizing technology to give the safest, most effective medication care available.

Telemedicine (follow-up appointments)
Make follow up appointments easy with a busy schedule. Making life more comfortable with the use of technology.

Pharmacogenetic Testing
Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetics to help find the right medication match for clients. We are using technology to create better outcomes for our clients.

Laboratory Services
We are utilizing lab services close to your home and offering instant access to clients through our portal.

Psychotherapy allows us to learn more about clients through personal interaction. Helping clients change behaviors and overcome problems in a non-pharmaceutical way.

Natural alternatives
Clients sometimes prefer to utilize nature's cures, and that is ok. Finding peace is the only objective for Serene Psychiatry, using the most up to date evidence to help clients achieve alternative wellness.

Please print and complete the appropriate level form prior to your Initial Assessment.

Ages 6 - 17
Ages 11 - 17

Insurance accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield / United Health / Cigna / Aetna

$250 Initial Assessment
$150 Follow Up
$150 Follow Up - TeleMed
$150 ADHD Computer-Based Testing

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Fax: 602-698-9668
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